Re: Relation Theory

James Bowery

Thanks for that very rigorous definition of "relation theory", Jon.

It's "trick" of including the name of the k-relation in a (k+1)-relation's tuples reminds me Etter's paper "Three-place Identity" which was the result of some of our work at HP on dealing with identity (starting with the very practical need to identify individuals/corporations, etc. for the purpose of permitting meta-data that attributed assertions of fact to certain identities aka "provenance" of data).

The result of that effort threatens to up-end set theory itself and was to be fully fleshed out in "Membership and Identity", the completion of which was stopped by Tom's tragic descent into dementia after his beloved wife died.

We _were_ able to get a preliminary review of Three-place Identity by a close associate of Ray Smullyan.  It came back with a positive verdict.  I believe I may still have that letter somewhere in my archives.

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