Kenwood TS-940S, TS-930S Repair, Modification, and Operation

Welcome to the TS-940S group!  Here we discuss practicalities of putting these transceivers and similar models TS-930S, TS-930SAT, and TS-940SAT back on the air, using them, optimizing their performance, and modifying them. 
1.  When joining the group, please consider introducing yourself with a post about your interests and/or experience with one (or more!) of these radios.
2.  Please expect join requests and moderated posts to be approved in fewer than 3 days.
3.  Please post content that is consistent with the group description and's terms of service. 
4.  Commercial content:  Offers to sell these radios, parts thereof, and accessories thereto are okay as are "want to buy" posts.  If replying to such a post to express interest in such a transaction, please choose the "private" option or otherwise reply directly and only to the poster.  Please post an update when the equipment has been sold.  References to sellers of specific parts or services consistent with this group's mission are also okay.  Please do not make commercial posts of a more general nature than this.
5.  Please compose a topic for your post that includes a summary of, at least a clue about, its content.
6.  Images and diagrams can be posted to one of the "Albums" accessed by clicking "Photos".  Please include a descriptive caption and a reference to the message thread where first referenced.
7.  If you include clever, inspirational, or advertising material in your signature, please ensure it's non-political, non-religious, and no more than one text line.
8.  When replying to a post, please do not include the original post or others' comments in your reply.  Exception: it's fine to clip out a piece of the prior message and put it in your message to cite which part of the prior message you're responding to.  The point here is to keep your reader's screen uncluttered.
9.  Remember, this is a hobby.  Please help keep it fun for yourself and everyone!

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