MIDI Files and the KORG 01/Wfd



I bought a very nice lightly-used 01/W the other day, it works great, no complaints there. I had one in the 1990's and used it doing a Solo gig
all over the Midwest and Canada. People loved the arrangements. However, now that I have this one I am thinking once again of leaving the
Blues Band thing behind and going Solo again. Trouble is, I have a couple hundred of my favorite MIDI Files stored on my computer, but I
have no way of getting them back into the 01/W memory. Can't use a floppy, my DEL doesn't have one. No MIDI port either.

Anyway, I am hoping someone may have some kind of experience with this same problem and can give me a hint at what I can do to transfer
those files.

Thanks Much!


Chinh Do

Hello Bill:

I can't think of any way to send/load MIDI files into the 01/W without using the floppy or MIDI. Maybe you can try a USB MIDI interface like this one ($15.99)?


Chinh Do

You may have thought of it already but another option is a USB floppy drive like this one on Amazon ($22). Chinh


Thanks for the Tip Chinh.  I did exactly that!

One other question... does anyone ever trade MIDI song files?

Thanks Much, and Happy Thanksgiving.