A musical enquiry!


Good afternoon from Wales.

I have assembled a set-up with two keyboards both playing through a
Midi-Merge box into my 03R/W, and set one of the keyboards to send on
Channel 2, leaving the other in its default Channel 1.

One keyboard has easy transmission of all variables - patch/program, MSB
and LSB, and patch/program +/- 1. The other easily sends patch/program
only. I am therefore tending to 'sample' sounds from the first, but when
I then try to access a sound from the other keyboard using the same
patch/program no., I don't always get the result I expect.

My interest, obviously, is in duetting sounds in two-handed live play. I
would be interested in any comments or suggestions about ways of doing
this, and of so accessing the max variety from the 03R/W's several
default banks.

I have assumed that I need to use Multi mode in order to get two
channels in recognised, and this setting seems to take me default to the
Preset Program bank (000 Ephemerals), which is something of a mixed
blessing, as many of those sounds are frankly weird and wonderful,
whereas what I would tend to prefer are relatively clean straight
sounds. Also, my reading of the Manual had led me to expect that the G (GM)
Bank would be the default loading in this case - but that may at least
imply that there is some choice in the matter ?

Anyway, I'm not trying to cover all possible discussions at this stage,
but would be interested to dialogue with anyone re their experiences of
a 2-keyboard set-up.


Ian G.

Wales UK

Chinh Do

Hello Ian:


Per the 03R/W manual, Multi mode has 16 channels and supports GM patches. Each channel should process its own messages including program change messages.

When you send program change messages from your second keyboard on channel 2, what result are you getting exactly?



Well, that's what I'm finding difficult to estimate. Whether I press the
Global/Multi button once or twice, I get one of those 4-cell windows,
not the usual G or A bank window I would get with Prog, e.g.

I am finding ways of navigating the 4-cell window to some intentional
purpose, but it's not straightforward.

Putting it another way: it is very obvious, aurally, when you're
accessing the same sound from both keyboards, and therefore conversely
when I'm not successfully saying: "OK the sound I have from keyboard 1,
is one I'd like to play from keyboard 2."

There is then the scramble of trying to identify just what I am hearing.


Ian G.

On 19/11/2021 18:44, Chinh Do wrote:
When you send program change messages from your second keyboard on
channel 2, what result are you getting exactly?