Anybody Swap MIDI Song Files?


Happy Thanksgiving!


I have about 150 songs I used to use for a Solo act with my 12-string and the 01/Wfd. My question is, does
anybody have any good MIDI files left over from those days(80s-90s), mostly Classic stuff that might like to
part with or share?

I always bought from TranTracks back in those days. Those seemed fairly easy to manipulate (and make better)
for a show. I even had a version of "Conquistador" by Procol Harum and it was truly good. Worked on that one
for a month, from scratch, but it sounded almost like the original when I was done. Fun Times.

I am going to start over with a new(used) 01/Wfd I picked up recently. Want to expand my horizons, and my music