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(Confederates and Copperheads follow the links below.)

HEADS UP: This is a Christian Crusader themed group and if of another religion there are plenty of organisations elsewhere. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) is a pro-Dixie, pro-Confederate fraternal membership and secret society consisting of small groups of members in voluntary association.

The KGC was originally organized July 4, 1854, at Lexington, Kentucky, with five members. By 1860 there were clubs everywhere below the Mason-Dixon line. Evidence shows the order had clubs in nearly every Dixie state. More than twenty organizations could be located in Texas alone.

"This section of the country is filled with members of this mysterious organization, and their camp fires are increased every night by new parties arriving during the day. The road is dusty with their constant movement, and from this place to Goliad it is said there is a continuous caravan of them, coming in small parties and large parties, on horseback and in wagons, armed and unarmed, with money and without it." --C.A. Bridges

To become a Knight Defender of Knights of the Golden Circle (KntD) and this secret society one should be prepared to show an even temperament, leave off cursing, do personal research in quest of Christian truths and promote the Order for the same said purposes. E-mail It's a secret order. Please do not list name, address and telephone number in forum postings. The KGC is not a Masonic organisation. Please visit the KGC Home page. (Posts made on this forum are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Knights of the Golden Circle.) --

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