Differential Balanced IF Amp with AGC


Hi All,

Just finished the PCB layout for the subject amp.

Will be ordering at least five (5), up to ten (10) prototype PCBs later (before the game).

As usual, if you would like one of the prototype kits at my cost, let me know...1st come 1st serve.

The PCB is 3.0 x 1.4 inches. Parts supplied allow the amp to operate from 4 to 16 MHz; tested at 9 MHz

Amp can be operated as balanced or single ended with optional tuned circuits at the input and output.

AGC action has not been fully tested but appears to function as expected.

Objective was to create an IF amp that mirrors the operation of the MC1350 / MC1590

Schematic and PCB layout on website at https://kitsandparts.com/BAL.php

73, DIz, W8DIZ - my XYL equates me doing PCB layouts to her doing jig saw puzzles :)