HomeBrew Powdered Iron Ron Transmitting Antenna


Hi All,

I got a hair up my nose the other day and decided to try building a tansceiving antenna for 40 meters

using a one foot 3/4 inch PVC pipe filled with T68-2 toroids, end to end.

I wrapped about 20 turns wire on one end of the "rod".

Connected a 75 pF variable air cap for series tuned resonance.

Then built a 9:2 turn transformer using a BN-61-302 which allowed me to get a perfect 1:1 SWR by tuning the vari-cap.

I calculate the "rod" antenna has an impedance of about 2.5 ohms based on 9:2 xfmr.

So I'm hearing signals on my 5W40 transceiver and hope to capture a QSO this evening.

Not sure how well this thing will transmit but reception sound OK so all things are possible.

Anyone else ever attempt a homebrew powdered iron transceive antenna?

73, DIz, W8DIZ

Daniel Walter

Cool idea! I'll be interested in hearing the results.

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Tim Tyler II

This sounds like a great idea for running out in the back yard for testing a receiver, like on my 5watter. I’ve been throwing a 30 ft wire over the rabbit hutch.