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James Ortaliz

I will take them where can I send the payment and how do you want it?


Thank you




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I’m thinking $50.00 + actual shipping for all including extra relays and other parts I bought for them; now for $75.00 I’ll thrown in some new in package ICs (microphone amps, compressor/compounders, various audio amps, etc...), and for $100.00 I’ll throw in all above plus some Adafruit SI5351A modules and a bunch of Arduino clones/Teensy boards probably 10 or so total.

As stated before these are V3/V4 boards and one Bitx 40. All new except one of the VFOs I tried different sketches on. At least 3 Ubitx and one Bitx 40 plus specific recommended upgrade parts, relays, other mod parts. I’d rather they go to a good home all together than piece them out or trashing. I lost interest in platform and all the troubleshooting/mods that everyone is doing. Besides I’ll just be giving the money back to Diz...

One other note, I packed them all away in my garage to make wife happy so it might take a week or so to dig it all out again, but you only pay once ready to ship if interested.



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