Off Topic but maybe not...

James Lawrie


I hope this won’t upset Diz but seeing I really like Kits and Parts and the usefulness of his products I have decided to post this, I have a few Ubitx and one Bitx40 kits that I’ve decided to part with because I’m no longer interested/tired of all the upgrade/fix it posts in another form for these radios so I want to get rid of them to someone that likes that product, and maybe you can use Diz’s kits on them. All are new unused, except the Vfo’s I tinkered with on one or two, also have a few mods unused as well. I would like to get rid of them all at once and not looking to get back all the money I spent on them, maybe a few dollars plus shipping.

If interested send me a email about them, beware non are the newest V6 pretty sure V3, V4 maybe a V5. Whatever extra parts I bought to try are included as well.



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