Re: ADE1 mixer kit Diplexer


At higher freqs (VHF) it's recommended to use a Q of 3 or 4 or 5

Using a Q of 4 L1 as T37-17 with 21 turns is 200 ohms needing about 18pF capacitance

L2 should be about 12 ohms using a T37-0 with 9 turns and a capacitance of about 300 pF

I would parallel a trimmer across C4  to tune the parallel circuit easier.

If you order a kit (when avail) I'll make sure you'll get any custom parts (replacements)

Again...use to calculate the values for any freq and part

Anybody need help with


On 1/21/21 10:44 AM, ken WA2MZE wrote:
Any suggestions on the Diplexer coils and capacitors for use at 45mhz?  Application will be in a scratch built ubitx.

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