Sharing Compass CI results with KCIDB

Nikolai Kondrashov

Hi Fengguang,

Tim Bird has recommended I contact you regarding Compass CI, which you presented at Linaro Connect this year.

We at Linux Foundation's KernelCI project are developing a system for aggregating kernel testing reports into a single database, dashboard, and e-mail notification system for use by kernel maintainers, developers, and researchers. The system is called "KCIDB" and I presented it at the same Linaro Connect this year:

We're already collecting data from six different kernel CI systems in our prototype database and dashboard:

We are working on reaching developers with our data next.

I was wondering if you're doing any testing of public kernel trees at Compass CI, and if so, whether you'd be interested in contributing testing results to KCIDB as well.

We hope to make it easier for developers to access all testing resultsm and to replace the multiple different e-mail reports and dashboards they're receiving and accessing, with a single one, thus saving them time, effort, and frustration. Having your data in the database, your requirements accounted for in our implementation, and hearing your ideas of how this could be done, would help us towards that goal.

Would you be interested in joining us and contributing your data to KCIDB?

Thank you.