update - 2020-08-17 #minutes

Guillaume Tucker

Technical Steering Committee minutes - 2020-08-11

* Two KCIDB releases done and deployed:
* Common Reporting article still needs review:
* Improving Kernel CI report throughput so we can push production data:
Possible solution:

* 2020-Q3 plan update
* KUnit: any news from Brendan?
[KH] no, will re-ping this week
-> PR now
* kci_data wrap up
-> next step: hook up with DT validation on staging
* CIP plan for KernelCI separate instance
-> work in progress
* LTP work in progress (Laks)
-> PR

* kselftest: can we get in staging before LPC?
-> reviewing

Summary of changes going into production

* Fix for baseline-nfs rootfs
* ThunderX support added, present in lab-lkft
* CIP kernel branches added
* kci_* command line tweaks in preparation for settings file support
* Old boot-related code dropped from kernelci-backend

Best wishes,