update - 2020-07-29 #minutes

Guillaume Tucker

Technical Steering Committee minutes - 2020-07-21

* now moved from buildroot to debian (initramfs + pivot_root)

* kselftest:
* use debian nfsroot, Linaro test-definitions
* Draft PR:

* RISCV: debian (sid): rootfs ready

* Uploaded “kernelci” package to PyPI

* Sent an outline of KCIDB support to Dmitry Vyukov of syzbot/syzkaller.
* Support for “issues” and “incidents”, and suppressing identical reports
* Writing the same for Philip Li of 0-day.
* Support for source code and build “linting”
* Tailored reports
* Writing an introduction to KCIDB schema and submission next.
* Thinking of releasing and deploying KCIDB v6 with v3 I/O schema
* Bringing revision correlation
* Handling duplicate objects
* Submission reliability/feedback
* Topic for discussion: aggregating results
* BQ public data sets:

* Kubernetes
* Had a couple of issues with ansible and k8s

* New guest: Aditya
* Discussion with Kevin regarding the logging part and
* Discussion with Guillaume regarding k8s/job-build.jinja2 file

Technical Steering Committee minutes - 2020-07-28

* kci_data: how to submit test results without LAVA callback
* will start submitting raw/incomplete data to staging /test API
* can be used as beta test /test API backend updates
* ToDo: first step is to review and clean-up the fields being accepted and
* Next step is to drop the requirement for a kernel build to submit test
results (revision/branch/tree should be enough)

* Documentation: “How to add new rootfs testsuite and how to add LAVA tests”
-> Path of least resistance for adding rootfs images, i.e. nfsroot with
full-featured Buster base image and test definitions that can install
extra test dependencies

* Kubernetes in production
* new Jenkins nodes in USA and Europe, issue with 90+ build-k8s containers
getting started on node running the trigger jobs
* hitting some bottleneck issues

Advisory Board minutes - 2020-07-22

* 2020-Q3 plan update: OK except KUnit work hasn't resumed yet
* Discussing how to provide separate instances of KernelCI for members
* Also mentioned, xfstests is a good test plan but with stability issues

Summary of changes going into production

* Fix LKFT job submissions
* Improve error handling and help messages in kci_* CLI tools
* Replace the --token CLI arguments with --db-token and --lab-token
* New riscv64 rootfs based on debian/sid, not used for tests yet
* New production Jenkins instance using kernelci-jenkins with docker-compose
* Kernel builds now running in Kubernetes clusters rather than Jenkins builders

Best wishes,