update - 2020-07-13 #minutes

Guillaume Tucker

Technical Steering Committee minutes - 2020-06-30

* Google BigQuery hosting: current trial period expired
-> Kevin to migrate BQ to gSuite

* KernelCI installation
* Discuss inconsistencies in kernelci-backend-config file
-> next steps: submit PR with obvious cleanups, 2nd PR as draft/RFC with
questions on the confusing parts

* LPC 2020:
Nikolai started a shared presentation on reporting for LPC. Plan is to do a
joint presentation with Guillaume

* Clang: Enable functional testing in production

Technical Steering Committee minutes - 2020-07-07

* tuxbuild recap
* does what it says
* fixed-size VMs with 4 cores are a limitation for allmodconfig builds
* not seeing a clear advantage over k8s

* brooning bringing his “lab” back with virtual boards (QEMU, ARM fastmodels)
* Latest QEMU
-> worth using Docker-provided QEMU in LAVA or using cloud VMs qemu 5.0
from Debian unstable currently
-> consider building QEMU and providing it by KernelCI? (i.e. via Docker
images or packages)
-> consider running tests with qemu/models in k8s if we start scheduling
more tests on emulated targets
* broonie might be willing to help set up a KernelCI "community" LAVA lab

* what is JenkinsX?
- CI/CD for cloud stuff, might solve some problems deploying on cloud - makes
it easier to deploy Tekton stuff. Investigating.
- see also TCF:

* kci_data
* First attempt and basic implementation done
* Utilizes kernelci-backend /test API as a PoC
* PR:
* mockup

* LPC Testing Micro-Conference announced

* Kubernetes support: rebased on jenkins job files move, nearly ready for prod

* ELC-NA: Kevin gave a talk on KernelCI, begged for help in many areas, got a
bit of interest on mailing list already.

Advisory Board minutes - 2020-07-08

* Reviewing survey draft report
* Discussing how to help 0-Day and Syzbot send results to KernelCI

Summary of changes going into production

* Replace basic status with test counts on default Tests view
* New broonie-misc branch
* Add linux-5.7.y branch to stable and stable-rc
* More i.MX boards in lab-nxp
* Basic "validate" commands in kci_build and kci_test for YAML config
* New Dockerfile for running Kubernetes jobs
* Update baseline tests to use buildroot 2020.05

Best wishes,