#KCIDB engagement report #KCIDB

Nikolai Kondrashov

Hi everyone,

Below is the monthly report on KCIDB* engagement. It lists various CI systems
and their status of engagement with KCIDB, as well as developer engagement.

No news on CI engagement. I'm still working on the next release, which will
certainly cause more updates.

However, I got a few requests from Nick Desaulniers regarding the KCIDB
dashboards, and after a few iterations we now have a few more dashboards,
panels, parameters, and graphs, which would hopefully help him in his
kernel development work.

We've also got a dedicated domain name for the dashboards:


CI Engagement Status

KernelCI native
Sending (a lot of) production build and test results.

Red Hat CKI
Sending production results.

Google Syzbot
Sending a subset of production results (failures only).

Sending production results.
Full commit hashes are currently not available, are spoofed, and don't
match the ones reported by others. To be fixed soon.

Sony Fuego
Internal design in progress.

Gentoo GKernelCI
Sending production results.
Only builds (a few architectures), no configs, no logs, and no tests
for now, but working on growing contributions.

Intel 0day
Initial conversation concluded, general interest expressed,
no contact since.

Sending (a lot of) Tuxsuite build results to "production" KCIDB.

Initial contact in response to a report.
There's a plan to approach us and start work in the coming months.

Yocto Project
Initial contact in response to a report.
Would like to start sending build and test results, particularly for
older kernels. Would like to separate upstream commits from project
patches first: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14196

Huawei Compass CI
Sent a message to Fengguang Wu, who was presenting it at LVC 2021.
No response so far.

Please respond with corrections or suggestions of other CI systems to contact.


*KCIDB is an effort to unify Linux Kernel CI reporting, maintained by Linux
Foundation's KernelCI project:

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