Question about reload

Luiz Fernando Marques


I am wondering how I can efficiently add / remove IPs on keepalived without causing unexpected stops or exchanges between Master / Backup servers.

Currently I use Keepalived on 2 servers in version 2.0.7, having only 1 "vrrp_instance" and an average of 30 VIPS, being 5 in IPv6 with the parameter "virtual_ipaddress_excluded".

Currently when I have to add an IP or remove it, I do it on the master, I execute a 'systemctl reload keepalved' and I urgently need to execute the same command on backup, otherwise it understands that the master has more / less characters in the file of configuration and assumes as Master and begins to give error in everything "Keepalived_vrrp[20666]: (1) vrrp packet too long, length 204 and expect 200" .Is there another alternative to this? What is the recommended way?


global_defs {
   notification_email {
   notification_email_from fernando@...
   smtp_connect_timeout 5
   router_id xxxxx
   vrrp_garp_interval 0.0001
   lvs_sync_daemon br1 1

vrrp_instance 1 {
    state BACKUP
    interface br1
    virtual_router_id 1
    priority 100
    advert_int 3
    authentication {
        auth_type PASS
        auth_pass xxxx
    virtual_ipaddress {

virtual_ipaddress_excluded {