SB2 firmware patch

Don, ND6T

There is a very minor bug in the operating firmware of the SB2. When changing modes the change does not activate until you change frequencies. In other words, if you change from SSB to CW the receive offset doesn't happen until you jog the dial. Inserting a call to the PLLwrite() subroutine fixes that. Here is the new code snippet:

void int_cw_mode() {
      if (Tx_mode == 0){Tx_mode = 1; display.setCursor(66,40); display.print(" CW"); }
         else {Tx_mode = 0; display.setCursor(66,40); display.print("SSB"); }

That new line {  PLLwrite(); } is inserted as line #309. The switch from CW to SSB now works properly, too. The mode change is now instantaneous.

Being able to use a cheap Arduino UNO as a programmer is a great idea. Much easier and cheaper than buying some fancy programmer that you would rarely use.