Possible mixup between two of the SOT-233 components


Hi Guys:

S/N 002 arrived. As always, the ATS-V5 looks like an amazing trail friendly radio for purists. I weighed it, and it came in at 3.8 ounces with the Altoids tin and all of the plastic packaging, so the final weight should be a bit less.

I’m just starting on the kit and wanted to raise one flag until we hear from Steve, a possible anomaly with the SOT-233’s. There was a loose orange paper that fell off of one of them, so I took a very close look at it to make sure I have it right. Here’s how the SOT-233’s are labeled:

1) The FDT458P is supposed to be yellow. The one with the yellow stripe says 458P, so this looks OK. No problem.

2) The one with the green stripe is marked “17L50”. According to the parts list, the one with the green stripe is a NCP1117ST33T3G. I’m suspicious because the part has a “50” in it because that’s a 3.3 volt regulator.

3) The one where the orange paper fell off is marked “1733”. Orange is supposed to be an NCP1117ST50T3G, a 5 volt regulator.

So the part labeled 1733 seems to be associated with the T50, and the part labeled L50 seems to be associated with the T33.

These surface mount parts are hard to de-solder, so I’m going to set these two guys aside and move on two other components until I hear from Steve.


Rob, W3DX


Hi Guys:

I’m still going to QRX on this, but the photo in the user’s guide sheds light on this. On page 10, the photo of U1 shows the part marking as “17L50”. Page 13 also says to place the part with the green stripe and is “1705”.

I think the discrepancy might just be in the Parts list, which shows the green package as the 3.3 volt regulator. 

So my thinking is that the photo and the instructions on page 13 are consistent, and there might just be an error on the parts list.

I’ll wait for confirmation from Steve. QRX.....