ATS-V5 Serial Number 002 QRV


Hi Everyone:


Attached, please find a photo of my ATS-V5, fully QRV. The radio weighs in at 3.6 ounces fully assembled and mounted in the Altoids tin. As you know from the user’s guide, it has a set of excellent features, a beautiful display and a tuning knob. 


Advanced features including selectable tuning rates, 9 frequency memories, 2 CW memories, and RIT. My ATS-V5 puts out a full 5 watts on 20 meters.


I’ve built a number of SOTA clipboard stations, and I’m working on my most ambitious one yet.......It will weigh in at 13 ounces, will have a modified Elecraft tuner and many other features. It will be a complete station that I can pull out of my day pack, attach an antenna and be QRV. I’m waiting for a few bits and pieces to arrive in the mail, but hope to have it finished next week. I’ll post photos of the clipboard as soon as its ready. (Yes, that’s an on/off switch on the clipboard.)


73 & 72 and Stay well,


Rob, W3DX