Trouble shooting wish list for sb2

John KG9DK

I am just passed the stage of turning on my slop bucket 2 for 40M.  happy to report I have a good display, did find one missed solder joint in the audio receive circuit.  I found that Q10 on the PCB is label Q23 in the schematic.
My wish list would be
1.Block  diagram showing signal flow and gain
2. DC voltage reading especially on the control transistors that is selecting the  receive and transmit signals. 

I have not install IRF510B yet, I am wanting to increase the heat sink, I am looking for a .6 x 1 x 1 piece of aluminum and I have not figures out the enclosure size yet.  I assume the heat sink that close to the toroids coils is not an issuse?
My enclosure will probably be made out of single sided PCB so I have some choices.  My unit will probably be use inside since I gotten to old do any camping so size and weight does not enter into the equation.
Thanks for any help with the above, remember this is a wish list not gripe list, I appricate the work Steve have put into this project is sharing it with us.
john kg9dk


If your using the radio for SSB and CW and no digital mode the heatsink is adequate.

IF the box is very tight (no airflow) then a larger heatsink is not an aid but an
external one would be with coupling to it.

its the FT8 and a few others that are the run to over heat or destruction mode.
The high duty cycle at full power is killing for many radio even commercial.