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Mike Olbrisch

I too sometimes shake my head in wonder……..  OTOH, I have some items that I wouldn’t think of selling for any reasonable price.  In the end, if a seller and a buyer agree on a price, whatever that price is, then it isn’t unreasonable to them.


Heck – someone just paid 1,000,800.00 (That’s 1 million and 800 dollars) for the baseball bat that Babe Ruth hit his 500th home run with.  To me that is just a carved stick.  But to at least two people, the seller and the buyer, that carved stick was worth a whole lot.


I have a 1944 M-1 Garand rifle here, I rechambered it in the modern 7.62mm x 51mm cartridge, and dropped it in a glass-bedded laminate stock.  You can buy them through the CMP all day for $650.00.  I wouldn’t sell this one for $5,000.00.  On a calm day it will hold 1200 meters.


My biggest fear is that when I die, my wife will sell my radios and guns for what I told her I paid.  I hope my son will step up and help sell the guns.  The radios?  Maybe will them to the grandson (KI5DYU).


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It’s amazing what some people think stuff is worth. But then, some of my ATS rigs sold for some insane money on occasion.


I saw a junk HB 40 meter rig for sale at $150. I offered 10, got rejected. Someone eventually bought the thing for close to the asking price. They got about 10 dollars in parts for that investment!


Steve KD1JV



I know I couldn't believe it. Now I'm afraid to use mine. Ha ha. 

Jeff Ke4fwe 





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