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Kelly Jack

I seem to be having trouble with this code.

I'm running my slopbucket on 40m so have made some changes to the code to accommodate this as follows:

Line 189 now reads:


to set the band to 40m in the setup routine.

And I've commented out the 15m and UDM calibration routines at lines 674 and 675 because I am calibrating using the 10Mhz option only.

No other code changes.

Arduino IDE is 1.8.5.

Observations are:
"bn40" displays at startup.
display then changes to "  00" - zeros on the two right most digits.
the first two digits from the left are blank.
turning the encoder changes nothing on the display.
if I press the encoder button three times the display begins to change but only in the downward direction.
There is no signal at TP1 or TP2 in receive mode.

The calibration routine works fine using the 10Mhz option and there is a signal at TP1.

There are now LO or BFO at TP1 or TP2 in receive mode.

The radio previously worked using the earlier version of the code compiled on an earlier ide version adjusted for 40m with receive and transmit both tested.  (I made one SSB contact over the weekend).

The original chip that came with the kit programmed for 20m produces appropriate BFO and LO signals at TP1 and TP2 and the display and encoder respond correctly.

I've tried a fresh 328 chip from scratch with new bootloader and reprogramming and the same result ensues.

I am either programming my new chip incorrectly or my code does not seem to be compiling correctly.  I have tried using an Arduino uno loaded with ArduinoISP (from the examples in the IDE) to program the chip as well as an uno board with a removable 328 chip (after loading the bootloader using the other method).

Any help appreciated as I am out of ideas and I cannot locate the version that worked previously.

One thing I am keen to try is the earlier version of the code but I cannot locate this anywhere.



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