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Roy Appleton

Don't know if this had already been caught and I'm just using an old document but on page 9, the "red" (102) is listed as going to C73 but the diagram shows it going to C75. As "yellow" (104) is shown in both the diagram and legend as going to C73. I assume the legend is wrong for "red" (102) and that it does in fact go to C75.

Sorry if I'm behind on this! 😀


On Tue, Mar 13, 2018, 7:30 AM Steven Weber <steve.kd1jv@...> wrote:

Okay, I didn’t notice that little layout goof. No big deal the PPTC fuse is there mainly to protect your supply and cable if the PA bias current goes out of control or if the PA shorts out for some reason. At least it’s in the right place for that.


I’ve started adding these to all my boards in case someone doesn’t bother to fuse their supply line. It’s cheap insurance.


Steve KD1JV



I definitely need to go to sleep :-)

You're right, only the RF section is fused, but everything is protected by the diode.
It's the RF that's most likely to go.  I'll have to take a look at the circuit to see if the
receiver would still work while the polyfuse is recovering.

- John

On 3/13/2018 2:33 AM, Kelly Jack wrote:



On the picture on the right - trace from the cathode of D2 (called D9 on the schematic) goes to the R66.  ie no fuse.

On the schematic all power goes through the fuse?



John Sutter
W1JDS CM87xi



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