Re: Socketing processor in Slop Bucket: Yes or No

Roy Appleton

Socket it is! Thanks guys for all the input!


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For CPUs and memory devices that may need changing, I stick with the MilMax machine pin sockets. They make a nice oxygen free connection to the IC pin and I've never had a failure due to one of those sockets. The old leaf spring style sockets tend to fail over time. I had a MilMax FAE tell me to not  even bother with Gold contacts. Unless your ICs have gold plated pins, it makes no difference, and may actually cause problems due to dissimilar metals. Stick with the tin machine pin sockets and you'll be very happy. 

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For Slop Bucket, yes install it.

I'm generally adverse to sockets but in this case it was installed.  Its easy to deal with
if the socket gets flakey and I use a Arduino Nano as a handy programmer.

Why adverse to them?  Many, many decades of building computer hardware from
before the Altair days (1974) on I've found lots of sockets leads to lots of failures
over time due to the socket itself failing due to corrosion of spring fatigue.  Imagine
a memory card with 80 of them and no bad parts not working reliably.   That is
for the run of the mill sockets. since I'm involved with old computers {like collecting
boat anchors} its a very common thing for the parts to be good but the system is
dead all because a socket(s) became flakey.  So I tend to look at the socket and
assume its generally ok if limited in number used in the system or replace it with
a high quality machined pin type.  Its saves me pain.  

In the mean time, its a cute critter and fun to use. 


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