Slop Bucket manual

Steven Weber

The final manual for the Slop Bucket  is now available. 

I added a few new features to the firmware. 
There are now 9 frequency memories available. If programmed,  location  number 9 will be the power on frequency. 
There are now three ways you can calibrate the si5351 clock to make your actual frequency match the dial. 
1) you can use a frequency counter
2) you can use WWV at 15 MHz. Use a digital mode waterfall to line up WWV's 500 Hz, 1 KHz or 600 Hz tone with the waterfall frequency ruler. I was able to calibrate to within a few Hz this way. 
3) Use a SWBC station. Zero beat / tune for clear audio. Haven't actually tried this one, but I hear plenty of SWBC stations down around 12 MHz during the day. 

I'm slowly getting parts bagged...

73, Steve KD1JV 

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