Re: Adafruit booster cables and 5V powerbanks as ATS/MTR power sources



The trick for switching converters is building them into a box with filter inputs and outputs.
Your not trying to keep the TX clean I'd be surprized if the other guy heard it.
However not have the converter whistling in your ears (your RX) or adding a large
chunk of wide band noise to try and hear over is critical.

My solution is if the radio runs on 9-12.6V well enough I use 3x 2800mAh Lipo 18650 cells
(4.2V full charge and 3.7 nominal discharge per cell) as it is small light and compact.  If
its fussy radio or wants more voltage its 4x LiFePO cells (3.65V max charge and 3.2V
nominal discharge cells).  They work well for me for my SB-1, 1W, QCX, KNQ7A, 
and ft817 ( for that I have a 4Px3S 11ah pack at 2.3 pounds and runs it for over
8 hours average use).

Less hardware and plastic and wires.  Less loss to conversion and no risk of converter
noise ( I test on 80M as it seem to be the band most impacted).


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