Re: SB2 #118 Update


I had a few minutes on the SA today.  Not quite the power I was expecting, but the
separation is great!

For reference, the current with the bias pot turned CCW was about 118 mA.
I raised it 30 mA to about 150.  I'll try to raise it to 180mA and try again
in a few days.


On 2/19/2019 7:09 AM, Steven Weber wrote:

I guess putting it on the wrong side of the board would make it not work so good, hi.

Surprised that didn’t hurt it.

Glad your on the right track now.




You know, a picture's worth 1000 words, or approximately one awshit.

I did have to replace the IRF510, but only to the other side of the PCB.
That's what I get for building past midnight...

I'll tweak it at the office and see what it looks like on the SA.
I did see the my power meter peaking up to around 4W just
playing around a bit.

Where's the best place to check the modulation with a scope?
At the gate of the IRF510 or the antenna?

Thanks for your patience!

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