Re: SB2 #118 Update


The diodes were good.  5.1V supply was good.

I think I cooked my IRF510 somewhere along the line.
No shorts. 
Power out with the modulation pot at it's highest is 5-10 mW.
Bias pot doesn't make any difference to the output despite raising
the gate voltage.  I did start fully CCW.

I think I'm getting a pretty good signal to the gate, but not much
is happening at the output.

I'll replace the IRF510 and try again.


On 2/17/2019 8:41 AM, ajparent1/kb1gmx wrote:
Check to be sure you didn't put the zener diode (d1) in backward.

FYI the crystal for the 5351 will age and move in frequency with time
so retest in a month or two. 


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