SB2 #118 Update


Well, got a chance to spend some time on the radio today.

I calibrated the VFO with a good HP counter after letting
both run for about 15 minutes.  I let things cool down,
and repeated and it was still within 1Hz.

I connected a signal generator at just below 7.150 MHz
and could it hear a tone (barely) to about -118 dBm.
I think I heard it lower, but it might have been wishful
thinking.  I was listening to a Baofeng mic up to my ear.

Next was adjusting the bias.  No luck there.  With the
pot turned full counter clockwise I was getting ~115 mA
instead of ~150.  Turning the pot made no difference, but
that gives me something to go on.

So, it could have been a better day, but not bad.


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