Re: Slop Bucket II Build So Far


It turns out I had just unintentionally friction fit one end of the pins to the display.
I had the pins just slightly proud of the PCB, so they didn't grab as well as they should
have for a friction fit.  I'm glad it wasn't the Si chip.

It's better after I soldered them, though sometimes the startup
isn't good.  I've had the display come up garbled or not at all.
Turning the encoder knob usually takes care of it.  Could be soldering
on the reset or just a timing issue.

I picked up a function generator in LSB.
I hooked up an antenna and heard some SSB & CW, but not much.
It's not much of an antenna.

Next is Tx...


On 2/9/2019 8:11 AM, Steven Weber wrote:


Sounds like your making good progress.


On the display, make sure you have the jumper to the reset pin connected. But you got an image when you first powered up, so that should be fine, along with the contrast setting. You could try going to the contrast setting by holding the function switch closed for 10 seconds, then turning the encoder clockwise. But if that doesn’t bring up an image, I’d turn power off so the new setting isn’t stored and look for other reasons it might not be coming on.  


Before I was sure I wanted to solder in the display, I just used friction to hold it in place against the SIP pins. Put a little piece of cardboard or something under the top edge to angle the display against the SIP pins to hold it in place.


The box I shipped the kit in could make a good temporary case. I remember seeing a small speaker cabinet made from a shoe box by coating it with a layer of fiberglass resin  to stiffen it up. That could be applied to the cardboard box.  Although this is the wrong time of year to be mixing fiberglass resin for a lot of people since you want to do that outside.


73, Steve KD1JV  


Just finished the build for 40m.  Didn't hit any more snags that weren't my
own fault.

For winding the coils, 12" of wire should be long enough for each
though there's plenty of wire left that longer should be fine.

I don't have a case picked out yet, so I mounted the display at the very tip of the
header.  Same for the PCB side  that way I can clip in the middle and remove each
pin when I'm ready.  I'm looking at some enclosures from Takachi Enclosures.
They're not cheap, but they have an impressive variety including waterproof and
RF sealed enclosures.  I'm thinking of the CF11-11BB or EXP12- 4-13, but I'll probably
just design another case.  In the meantime, I think I'll put it in one of the AllPCB
delivery boxes that seem to be accumulating...

I found that actually putting the uC in the socket helps things run a little better.
The display showed an image until I moved the encoder when the radio asked me
to select the operating band.

I power cycled it and now the display is not coming up.  Actually I had decided to sleep,
but just had to try to hear my function generator.  Should have just gone to sleep.
Audio's working fine.  First guess is that communications with the SiLabs chip isn't working, but that
will have to wait until tonight.


On 2/8/2019 1:34 PM, Steven Weber wrote:

You should know by now that if I decide to change a value, sometimes that change doesn’t make to the schematic. If this is the only case, I did real good this time. Surprised I missed changing it on the location diagram, but updating those files is a bit more work.


I think I was originally going to use ORG/BLK for the 3.3’s but then decided ORG/ORG made more sense.


I wasn’t sure if R44 was going to be needed or not, turns out it wasn’t. Apparently forgot to note that.


73, Steve KD1JV



I hit a few documentation and parts issues that I'll need to resolve:

  1. R43 is listed as 470 Ohms on the value/location table.  The schematic

     and location diagram shows it as 1K.  I have a left over 470 Ohm

     resistor, so I'm pretty sure that's the one.

  2. R52 isn't colored in the location diagram (non issue really)

  3. I'm missing the 3.3 pF caps.  Oh, just noticed the overall BOM shows

     the parts marked as ORG/BLK as opposed to ORG/ORG in the capacitor

value/location table.

  4. R44 is unused




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