Slop Bucket II Build So Far


(Accidentally sent to Steven directly first)

I got the kit (#118) yesterday afternoon and started building last night
after everyone went to bed.  I've finished up the surface mount
on both side except for a few parts.  The back side was sporting
without silkscreen.

So far I've managed to:
  1. Put 1 transistor in the wrong place (circled in my notes in case of heat damage)
  2. Put 1 capacitor on 90 degrees off
  3. Put 1 resistor in the wrong spot (top instead of bottom)
Pretty typical for a late night hand build

I hit a few documentation and parts issues that I'll need to resolve:
  1. R43 is listed as 470 Ohms on the value/location table.  The schematic
     and location diagram shows it as 1K.  I have a left over 470 Ohm
     resistor, so I'm pretty sure that's the one.
  2. R52 isn't colored in the location diagram (non issue really)
  3. I'm missing the 3.3 pF caps.  Oh, just noticed the overall BOM shows
     the parts marked as ORG/BLK as opposed to ORG/ORG in the capacitor value/location table.
  4. R44 is unused

I've put about 4 hours into the build so far.
Moving on to the through hole parts though it'll have to wait.  I really
should go to work...


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