Re: SB II build project


Thanks Alison, that's very helpful! 

Since I'll definitely be using this transceiver outside during the winter I'm tempted to stick with a 4S configuration for the sake of not getting caught short on power in the event that I can't keep the batteries warm overnight (this has happened to me before:  Instead of shoving the full 16.8v into it, however, given your advice it seems prudent to leave the protection diode in place and maybe use a regulator, or even a second diode, to protect the radio.  Arguably I'll only need an hour or two of operating time out of it, facilitated greatly by the 50mA receive current, so maybe I can get by with 60% of a 3S battery pack.  I'll have to do some testing on this.  Maybe there's a 'winterized' configuration that I could use for half the year. 



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