Looking for clues - Slop Bucket


I was getting checking out some of my radios for the weekend and found a problem.

I apparently damaged the pushbutton switch on my rotary encoder so I replaced it
with another I had ordered from Banggood or similar a while back. Now the switch
works, but, for the most part the display is decrements regardless of which way
the shaft is turned, though sometimes it will increment briefly if I turn the
shaft counter clockwise.

Swapped out another and it's doing the same thing.  Frustration set in so I packed
it up until I calm down a bit.  It could be two bad encoders in a row.  I could be
a bit of debris someplace.

If anyone has had a similar experience and a solution to go along with it I'd love to
hear it.

I am running the latest FW from the files directory.

John Sutter
W1JDS CM87xi

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