Re: Should I do another batch of Slop Bucket kits? #poll

Indra C.


On 2 Jun 2018, at 21.48, Steven Weber <steve.kd1jv@...> wrote:

A new poll has been created:

The Slop Bucket SSB rig wasn't an instant sell out like the CW rigs always were. So, I wonder if I doing another batch is worth the investment of time and money. 

I'm thinking maybe a 40M version this time? 

If I get close to 50 "yes, I'd definitely buy one", then I'll go ahead and start ordering parts. If not, well, guess we'll move on. 

73, Steve KD1JV 

1. Yes, I want one!
2. Yes, 40M would be great!
3. No, stick with 20M

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