Re: slop bucket assembly

John N0TA

I have done it both ways - all parts and sections (IC's, resistors, capacitors). Sections is much easier for me (less likely to bump the parts around). I use a skillet and hot air to melt the paste. When I do the backside, I suspend the PCB above the skillet with a couple pennies at each corner of the PCB. When doing the backside,  DO NOT TOUCH THE PCB UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY COOLED! If you do, the parts on the other side are liable to fall off and/or move.
Good Luck!
  - 73, John, N0TA

On 9/9/2018 6:21 PM, Michael Maiorana wrote:
Just a quick question for those more experienced than me. I'm finally getting to assemble my slop bucket kit. Reading through the instructions made most things clear, but I had a question. Is it better to place all SMD parts first, then use the hot-air rework station to "solder" all the parts down at once, or is it suggested to solder them in steps or sections as the parts are placed?

I've done a limited amount of SMD, but this is my first big SMD kit.

Thanks, and thanks Steve for a cool kit.
Mike M.

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