Re: Should I do another batch of Slop Bucket kits? #poll


If the IF is high enough say 11mhz its not too bad. Fundamentally the basic radio will 
work there.

The only question in my mind is if the 4053 switch will work with a LO of about 40mhz.
Staying single conversion keeps the spurs down.  If you can fine the spring 2006 QQ
I wrote up a similar radio for 6.

The differences are triple tuned bandpass for TX.  Transistors that work at 6M (not 3904s)
I've used 2n4124s at low gain (~11db/stage) the final can be IRF510, they do work there.
I've used the IRF510 on  and at 12V it will do 5-10W, higher voltages it can do over 25
(8 of them as 4x4 push pull do about 220-230W at 30V on 6m).  Expect the IRF510 to 
run about 10-12DV of gain and may need a bit more drain current.  Also the gate drive
impedance is around 6ohms and you still need a .5 to 1 watt of drive

The RX need a RF amp stage, a common gate J310 will do at 10-11db.  The 5351
does well enough up there and the 612 works well.

There are enough changes the price tag will be expected to be a bit higher. 

You did a 6m converter years ago so you know the drill.


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