Re: Should I do another batch of Slop Bucket kits? #poll

Steven Weber


No, 6 Meters is a can of worms. The main problem is making a PA which doesn’t use a wicked expensive mosfet and getting enough drive. Spurs might be an issue too. It can be difficult to filter out all the mixer products at that frequency and there would be many of them. The purity requirements are more stringent above 50 MHz then they are for HF. Might have to do a double conversion. It gets complicated.


It would be easier to make the Soda Pop do 6M. I actually got the transmitter to put out 5 watts with the BS170s and the spectrum was amazingly clean. Being able to produce the Tx frequency directly without any mixer products helps a whole lot.


The only problem I had was the receiver was pretty deaf. Going to a SA612 for the first mixer would probably solve that problem.


If I did do more Slop Buckets, I’d fix the couple of layout errors current board has.


Steve KD1JV


Is 6m a possibility with the slop bucket architecture (with some transistor changes)?

Though presume it may need a new rf amp at the front end - Steve are you considering any updates to the layout or only new parts for a new band.

I would interested in where a 40m version ends up as I built mine for 40 and it would nice to compare.




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