Re: Should I do another batch of Slop Bucket kits? #poll



Here is the link to the mod. You would only have to add the three 100pf BPF caps and change your VFO frequency, no chips involved unless you want to. I used Don's, ND6T's modified Raduino code for a channelized display, works great.


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Thanks Joel
I will have to check it out, my bitx40 is more of a on the shelf or table, while i think the slopbucket begs to be taken portable.
And right now my bitx 40 has an analogue vfo, I am certain 60 will involve chips and software at least. Do you has a link to the drop dead simple solution? Who knows, maybe a 40 meter slop bucket could have that as well?
Either way, if Steve makes another slop bucket run I will definitely buy at least one.
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Joel Caulkins

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