Who wants to build a Slop Bucket kit?

Steven Weber

All the parts are finally packed up and ready to be shipped to your workbench! 

As usual, the demand will likely outstrip supply as there are only 46 kits available, so I'll likely have to pull names out of a hat again. I will eventually do another run of these, so if you can't or don't plan to build this pretty much right away, let some else have it who will. By now you should have looked over the manual and know what your getting into. 

Reply to me direct by clicking on the "Reply to sender" button at the bottom of the email. Please don't reply to the group. That will just confuse the issue and make more work for me. I'll collect names until tomorrow morning and then get back to you. 

So, here's the deal. The cost is $60.00 USA only, check or MO only. Sorry to make you go through that trouble, but paypal won't let me make a buy button unless I upgrade to business and for that I need a legal business name and that isn't going to happen. 

73, Steve KD1JV 

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