Re: USB Power stick hack

Roy Appleton

Steve, you wouldn't happen to have a sku# for this to see if my look Walmart has any!


On Sat, May 30, 2020, 1:18 PM Steven Weber <steve.kd1jv@...> wrote:
I found a 6700 mah power pack in the local Walmart clearance isle for $2.50. Cheap enough to hack into. 

I carefully cut the end off the case by the USB jacks. Figured that was the safest place to cut. Used my fine toothed Xacto saw. Turns out the case is snapped together, but breaking the tabs is a bit of a pain and there isn't much space to wedge a screwdriver into the seam to pry it apart. I bet all the cases snap together, but finding where the tabs are is the challenge. They really don't want you in these things. Disassemble at your own risk! 

The boost regulator is a 8 pin SOIC with a legible part number which google found. ip5306. Sadly, it's internally configured to produce 5V. I was hoping I could change a resistor to boost it up to like 9V, but no go. I imagine that's a common thing. 

So, couple of options. One is to just wire up a new boost regulator, like one of the ebay jobs. Or buy two more units while they last and crack them open for the batteries and charger. Then you'd have a 12V, 6700 mah battery pack for $7.50. 


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