Re: What band for new rig?


dear gals and guys!
I follow with much interest a very interesting discussion on a parallel group  regarding  the well known QCX monobander from qrp-labs.

The discussion focuses on a quite straight and very easy method of "two-banding" the QCX monobander by just adding some reactances to it's front end with help of a more or less accessible switch. Ambitious amateurs have also added some reactances to the low pass filter needing a more complicated switch, but even this is still very doable even if it begins to look like the MBDC switching concept.

The method only works for bands close to each-other, like 40 & 30 or 30 & 20 (or 20 and 17) but it is still a very, very useful soup-up of the rig with very little effort. If the "mod" would be considered during the development and layout stage, it would make the life easier for both those wanting a single band rig as also for the dual banders among us.

Take a look at our neighboring group and search for "multibanding the qcx" or so. It is worth a glimpse even if you decide against it.  But do not think of complicated multi-band concepts using switching elements made of non-obtainium and driven by hypergalactic radiation. The simplicity of both here bespoken rigs would suffer and so would their charm too. 
Keep it simple! I think that the envisaged method (at least for the qcx) is not harming it's innocence. Want a multi-multi: take a look for one of the plenty that has them all with bells and whistles.

Yours friendly, Razvan DL2ARL


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