Re: ATS-V5 Kitting


Hello group!
Great idea to support Steven in his efforts!

It can even be thought of partial solutions:

We formerly had a very successful action with a "group buy" that allowed many of us to build the MTR5 on 80m. Well, I know that this group-buy was the effort of one single person and I doubt that that person would do it again. Even now, years after this action I still feel indebted to this person and can not show enough my respect for what has been done. I think of this and sent blessings each time I tune my MTR5 to 80m!!!

But what if the action would be better coordinated? Just let Steven do the PCB's, the firmware and maybe kit those hard-to-get parts. And then find somebody to kit the resistors, the inductors, the semiconductors, the hardware... and the load is distributed on more shoulders. We are a group here, aren't we? The individual price would probably go up because of the multiple shipments to pay for...  I am too far away to volunteer, but I would if I could. Most of the parts can be found in the net coming from that remote BY land.

Another option would be for Steven just to kit the items named above and for us to see and look each on himself for the rest of the parts. After all, several of us (me included) have happily built the coaster-board for the SodaPop Rig using self provided parts. At least for me, this action has enriched  the relationship I developed to the rig by me having to caress EACH part separately, think twice of it function and thirce if I can not replace it with a nearby value of which I happen to have some in the bin!

Sure I would prefer to get a complete kit from Steven, but If he would do again a very limited run with restrictions implied and I would get none, if he would care to make some, a couple, a dozen of PCB sets more than needed for the run, I would be glad to grab the PCB's and try to populate them on my own. I would take them with a hand-kiss even if they were the result of a misshap like those coaster-boards were, needing some flubby brain work to fix.

Wish you a Merry Chrismas.

Yours friendly, Razvan DL2ARL

PS: wishing it had more bands, just say two, even as modules, should be forbidden by the group rules... ;-).  But so: let us start a pool: which band would you want your V5 to live on? Me.. I would love it on 17 aaand 30m... Uuups, I did it again.

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