Re: N6ALT: Slop Bucket #033 done but has deaf receive

Roy Appleton

Joel, glad to hear you found the problem! #13 is about ready for the smoke test but wife had other ideas (yardwork) for the next couple days and so #13 is patiently waiting! 🤣🤣🤣


On Fri, Mar 30, 2018, 3:09 PM Joel Caulkins <caulktel@...> wrote:

Thank you so much, your a genius! I found one leg of one of the filter crystals shorted to ground. Works great now! Now I may need to change my encoder because it tunes very intermittently. If I hold pressure down on the shaft while turning it it works, otherwise it won’t tune. Anyway, onward and upward, need to calibrate. Thanks again.


On Mar 30, 2018, at 12:04 PM, ajparent1 <kb1gmx@...> wrote:

Look for a short or no connect case.

Things like a solder blob under the crystal case will be hard to find, try and omemter as 
the crystal pins should be isolated from case or each other (infinite resistance).
Shorts between pins of the 5153 may not stop it but if they are together it may limit sensitivity. So
check for interpin shorts.  Same for the 14053 switch IC.
Any spin on the 602 if shorted may limit gain or cost signal.

If you put in the jumper wires as directed, did you also do the trace cuts directed?
Its hard to tell from the pictures but the jumper from C41 looks ok but the cut on
Q1 looks questionalble.  If the cut is not done there the RX will be deaf!

Then assure yourself that all the right parts are in the right places.

FYI a 100mV (milliVolt) signal is a big signal.  Even a 100uV (microVolts) should be loud.

IF you have a scope start with a 1000uV signal at the antenna and then see if the output to the crystal filter input is
higher as the SA602/612 has a gain of about 15DB.  the filter has a small loss and the product detector has gain
as well.


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