sticky 13 Colonies Special Event OPERATOR info 10 messages By Jim Fisher AJ3DI ·
MARC Club Valley Forge / Kimberton Hamfest Sunday Aug 14th By Mark Hinkel ·
[WARCTalk] D-Star Setup 4 messages By Mark Hinkel ·
August meeting 4 messages By Jim McCloskey ·
PWA General Meeting on Zoom - Wednesday July 20th, 2022 By Mark Hinkel ·
[Philmontmobileradioclub] POTA Plaque Event #contest By Mark Hinkel ·
PWA-Technet: Two POTA Activities at Washington's Crossing State Park By Mark Hinkel ·
WTD; HTX-202 Battery Holder for 6 AA Batteries By Mark Hinkel ·
Was signed up for tonight. Wife came home early. can't do tonight. Will do another night. Can someone pick up tonight? By Jim McCloskey ·
13 Colony Event By Jim McCloskey ·
Upcoming Laurel VE Test Session 08/14/2022 1Pm at the Upper Pottsgrove Twp building 2 messages By Walter J. Skavinsky (KB3SBC) ·
13 Colonies Special Event OPERATOR info By Jim Fisher AJ3DI ·
repeater ??? 8 messages By ·
Penn Wireless Press Release -- FD 2022 By Mark Hinkel ·
From Griff (NE3I) - Multiple Stations to QSO from FN20IJ 6/12/22 2-4PM By Mark Hinkel ·
June meeting 4 messages By Jim McCloskey ·
Special event station 60th anniversary of the Centralia Mine Fire By Walter J. Skavinsky (KB3SBC) ·
Amateur Radio Month Update By Mark Hinkel ·
Fw: [WARCTalk] [k3osr] Visiting Hams Needed at Ockanickon Scout Reservation This Summer By Mark Hinkel ·
Penn Wireless - Quarter Century Chapter 5 "Radio Days" - Sat May 21st, 2022 By Mark Hinkel ·
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