[Philmontmobileradioclub] BSA Horseshoe Scout Reservation Summer Camp activation

Mark Hinkel

This is a request to join a QSO with a ham who is having a lot of fun teaching Scouts about amateur radio.  It's from Walt Beattie (AA3WB) not Walt Skavinsky (KB3SBC), both Walts are involved with Scouting. 

The website is rather long but please read -- it specifically deals with setting up a radio station.

If you're home during the day tomorrow, or on Tuesdays the next couple of weeks, please join Walt and give the Scouts a memorable experience. 

Mark  WA3QVU

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Each week I go to Horseshoe Scout Reservation BSA in Rising Sun, MD. I set up an amateur radio station and operate SSB, digital, and FM using the call sign K2BSA/3. I usually see approximately 40-50 people in the course of the day. I am soliciting your assistance.

My usual day is Tuesday, but due to unforeseen events, I will be attending on Wednesday, July 28 this week. Propagation has not been the best this summer, so I cannot rely on putting out CQ’s to find folks readily to get the scouts on the air.

From 1100 to 1200 I see Radio Merit Badge and may have up to 10-12 scouts. We talk about the station, look at the antenna, then by about 1115, we try to get on the air. Last week we were around 7285. Ed – K3BVQ was not able to work us – we could not hear each other. But, fortunately, a fella from NH heard us 59 and he stuck with us through all the scouts! I will spot us.

From 1600 to 1700 we have special interest activities. Some weeks I have well over a dozen scouts and leaders. We will talk about the station for about 15-20 minutes, then get on the air about 1615 or so to try to get each scout and even a leader or 2 on the air for a few minutes each.

At 1900, STEM group meets and we are operating off grid on battery power at a picnic table. This group can vary week by week. We might get 4-5 scouts and interested leaders/parents, some weeks we have a gaggle of scouts! I am finding those scouts in the 15+ yo age level really think amateur radio is pretty cool. The Rochester net (3.972) is our go-to on Tuesday evenings, and they really thrill the kids with a round robin and the kids like that the hams are from so many different towns. But they do not meet on Wednesday. We are on our own. I will be spotting us. If you can reach us, please jump on.

Another spotty time is 1400 – 1600, I have kids straggle in if they have no other merit badge or activity. We put out CQ’s as needed during this time and I will spot us on dxsummit.

You can see more about what we do here: https://k2bsa.net/2020/02/camp-horseshoe-2019-summer-camp-k2bsa-3/ Our program has produced about a dozen new hams over the years.

So, Here’s my pitch… If you might be around during the day, especially during these times, We would love to hear from you. Please help us out. If you hear us, please give us a shout. We have three more weeks of camp this year and camp is over on August 14. I will be there each week, usually on Tuesday.

Thank you for anything you can do to help us out.

All the best,
Walt - AA3WB
Walt Beattie
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Res: 610 970 7276
Cell: 610 850 5200

Walt Beattie