Re: repeater ???


It's in the shack, sharing the one antenna with all the other modes :-) I use it to check into the Montco Thursday net and the Monday??? (almost twisted NS3K's arm) PDRA net.

Ron NY3J

On 6/10/22 13:51, Jim Fisher AJ3DI wrote:
So Ron, is the 880 always on in the shack? Or at least always /available/?

Thanks for pinging and confirming!

On 6/10/22, Ron NY3J via <rwenig@...> wrote:
It looks like it's up both 2 meters on the C node and 440 on the B node.

73, Ron NY3J

On 6/10/22 13:09, Jim Fisher AJ3DI wrote:
Seems up - i'll test over weekend

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