Ruckus ZoneFlex ZF7762-S 802.11 WiFi routers

Stuart - N3GWG

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I want to first say that I wish everyone a very happy, healthy, safe and thug free holiday season!

Some several years ago Tim gave away some 802.11 access points at a meeting (Ruckus ZF7762-S models) that had been taken out of service around Philadelphia (likely from Philadelphia's Earthlink days). I obtained several of these routers and they sat around for a while...until now! I took one apart and was able to find which two pins on the board are for serial TX and RX to the board (granted an RS-232 to TTL level converter was needed to access the serial data), I have its console! This allowed me to capture the full console output upon boot up and learn the partition scheme of the firmware non-volatile memory. Hom hum, so what you say? Well, firstly thesew devices runs Linux on them and secondly that means that I ought to be able to get OpenWRT running on it, and if I can do that then getting AREDN firmware running on it would be the next leap! Now granted these routers are N routers but they are quite capable as I believe they meet the 80MHz or 160MHz bandwidth capabilities for WiFi. By the way, these routers can run on 12V or on Power over Ethernet too! I also believe that the Atheros chipset they have in them is capable of 802.11r/k/v/w and 802.11s also!

More to come soon!

Stuart - N3GWG

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