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jake  hi,,,,yes  if i log in to a room thru my  HT  wires X button,,,select the room usually  america link,,,it doent stay in the room more then a few minutes at best,,,makes me think the repeater is not set up to welcome some one  moving it  from the call sign   to a room,,,,thanks don  kc3igj

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When you say you get kicked out, can you describe exactly what happens ? How are you logging in ?

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I’m not sure what you mean by kicked out.
The PWA UHF Fusion repeater, 448.225, is rarely down. The Fusion room also rarely has a problem.
The repeater is in AMS mode.
The repeater and Wires-X are open except for 2 Japanese rooms we have blocked.
Wires-X / Fusion have DG-ID set to 0 which is the default.
There is a 1 hour time out on the Wires-X which will return the Wires-X back to the PWA home room of 21349 if it was on another room.
The repeater is a Pennwireless Club repeater.
Other than that I’m not sure what the problem could be.
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just my 2 cents, don  KC3IGJ  the 448.225 wiresX doesnt  seem to be on or in a mode to be used at  all times,maybe you  have to be a member of a group ???  ive tried to use it  many times,only to be what seems to be  timed out and  the room selected shut down, I work not far from the repeater site, and  am in a block/metal building with lots of  electronics blocking my HT  from useage  even to listen to other repeaters,,,,all tho im close enough to the 448.225  to be able to log in and listen to fusion/wires x    but seem to get  kicked out, I have no clue what the setting are on the fusion repeater, but  it seems who ever owns it  doesnt  like it  used for fusion >???????? 
thanks  don     kc3igj

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This is a challenging subject Glen (KC3INP - PWA net manager).  Several of us have the Fusion radios and PWA has both the Fusion repeater (448.225) and the Wires-x box located in Roslyn.  This equipment is up and running 24/7 but is so lightly used the club might do better by promoting some other type service at the 440 machine. Maybe - but let's try a Fusion net one more time.
A couple of us have come up with the idea of running a Fusion net on Sunday nights but we're unsure what time??  Then Howard (N3FEL) stepped forward and said "how 'bout only once per month" on the first Sunday of the month.  I think we're ready to give it a trial run this Sunday (Dec 5th) at 8pm.  This will be on the W3SK 440 Fusion repeater and we will be operating in digital or DN mode because the Wires-x box is set to digital only. The line above the DN means your radio is in AMS - please select the DN without the line so your radio is not automatically switching back to FM. Remember, Wires-x is digital.
Anyone out there with a Wires-x box (HRI-200) is welcome to join -- our Yaesu room #21349.  I will have the K3PDR repeater/ Wires-x linked in (447.475) and also try to link in the Phil-Mont repeater (444.800). We'll see how well this works.
There is a Western Penna Fusion group that goes by the name of Keystone West -- now called Keystone Wide because they have a couple of repeaters connecting in from Eastern Penna.  Yaesu room #60328.  Problem is, they run their net at the same time as PWA -- both at 8pm Sunday nights.  We will eventually connect there on Sunday night, but lets try our own group first.
I will run the regular 2m net at 8 o'clock.  (146.79 Pl 131.8). With a limited number of check-ins, the 2m net will probably run only a half hour.
Mark WA3QVU 
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The main topic for this Sunday nights net Will be : Should we have a fusion net ?
Mark, WA3QVU  will open the net and discuss our options with Fusion.
We need everyone’s input. 
If anyone has another topic they would like to discuss please contact me at: 215-989-2513 phone or text. 
As usual the net opens at 8pm this Sunday 12/5. 
Glenn Brucks KC3INP 
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