Scout JOTA at Tyler Park - Saturday Oct 16th - 9am to 3pm

Mark Hinkel

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Subject: Scout JOTA at Tyler Park - Saturday Oct 16th - 9am to 3pm

JOTA is a Scouting event and we are there at the Scout Master's invitation.  Scout Master Eric (WS3RIC) has invited all troops in the district and the weather man is calling for dry weather on Saturday morning.  So we could have over 100 Scouts.  Hopefully not all at the same time.

I'd like to thank Glen and Debbie Brucks (KC3INP / KC3KEO) for all the work they've done with PWA and now the Scouts.  I met up with them at Tyler on Monday and we mapped out the area adjacent to the farm field (now plowed flat) located at the parking lot on the North side of the Plantation Field.  We now have some idea where to put the stations. 

Glen, Debbie and I will provide 4 tables for setup along the edge of the field -- the antennas, coax and counter poise wires should remain behind the table to avoid tripping hazards.  The operators are to provide their chairs and equipment / antennas.  Glen will have a small generator on site but most ops will have their own battery power.  I will have a 10x10 popup canopy.  Please have a sign indicating what type of amateur radio equipment you are demonstrating.  (HF, CW, Simplex, Digital, etc)

Bruce (WA3ZPC), Matt (KC3RLG) and I will have the Fusion repeater up and running on Wires-x and connected to the Yaesu room #21000.  This is a Yaesu room called CQ-America (not America Link).  This room has be used by the Scouts during JOTA in past years and we expect to find several Scout Troops on Fusion this year.  Jim (AJ3DI) will have the Phil-Mont and K3PDR Fusion repeaters connected to CQ-America as well. 

Accuweather is calling for heavy rain staring sometime in the afternoon??  So we may be wrapping things up before 3pm.  That's 3pm Eastern time -- 12 noon Pacific time.  So West coast thru Central time ops should look for us early morning.  As far as I know, we will be using the PWA club call -- W3SK.

Covid / D variant is still among us and I would hope all radio ops wear a mask.  Debbie and I will have extra masks available including kid size masks -- just ask.  I will also have the hand wipes available to wipe down the mics and equipment between Scouts or Scout groups.  Please remember we need to keep everyone safe and not turn this into a spreader event. 

Mark  WA3QVU

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